See the Book page for info on my book The Climate Demon. The Blog link takes you to my recently started blog about climate and other models.

I am a Professor at Texas A&M University who studies the mathematical and physical aspects of the climate system. I use computer models of varying degrees of complexity to analyze weather and climate phenomena. My broader interests include philosophy of science, especially in the context of climate prediction, as well as the innovative use of computers for research and teaching.

Look around to find out more about my biographical details, check out my book page, and a few of my recent presentations and software.

Some of my current and recent research interests are:

  • How unprecedented was the 2021 Pacific Northwest Heat Dome extreme event?

  • Can statistical and machine learning approaches be used to predict rainfall?

  • How do swirling eddies in the ocean affect atmospheric storms?

  • How do El Niño and the Atlantic Meridional Mode affect hurricanes?

Hurricane Isabel photo taken on September 15, 2003 from International Space Station ( NASA), superimposed with Cray-1 supercomputer photo by Clemens Pfeiffer ( CC BY 2.5 license).