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Can models predict unprecedented extremes like the 2021 Western North American Heat Wave? (p. 110)

The Climate Demon at the #AGU21 conference

Making predictions with the CMIP6 ensemble (p.298)

Wasn’t there a “just say in models” account for climate change results that were only based on GCMs? (p.234)

"[E]conomists have no idea what the impact of climate change on our economy will be. They don't even agree on the shape of the function." (p.289)

"[W]e're generally in the climate-change field not talking about futures that are worse than today"

"[Net zero] is so deeply flawed and so vulnerable to green washing ..." (p.308)

"How would you explain a Rosbby wave ...?" (p.21)

"Is a planetary boundary an arbitrary threshold?" (p.136)

Switching from physics to climate science (p.67)

Syukuro Manabe, Nobel Prize (p.132)

"[O]n a planet with finite resources, infinite growth is logically impossible"

"[E]xplain how misleading it is to argue that those who advocate for climate action must be entirely carbon-free themselves first" (p.309)

Should models be made simpler? (p.132)

Are extreme data excluded from climate models as being erroneous?

On the self-assumed "smartness" of physicists