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Fig1.2b - Fuld Hall

Fig1.3a - ENIAC visitors

Fig1.3a - ENIAC operators

Fig2.1b - Hurricane Harvey Forecast

Fig2.2 - ECMWF Forecast Skill (CC-BY 4.0)

Fig4.1a - NOAA GFDL

Fig9.2a - NCAR Mesa Lab (NCAR/UCAR)

Fig9.2b - Akira Kasahara (NCAR/UCAR)

Fig9.2c - Warren Washington (NCAR/UCAR)

Fig8.1 - Ockham chooses a razor (Chris Madden)

Fig11.1 - Purity (xkcd)

Fig13.2 - Physicists (xkcd)

(More figures from the book will soon be made available by Cambridge University Press.)